Thursday, 1 November 2012

Urbanscapes 2012

Well hello November!

a month that we've been waiting for. by end of this month, MUG will be performing for Urbanscapes - AV Backyard.

our first time joining this two-day festival ! how awesome is that! we will do an "orchestra" theme of performance - 5 of MUG members. so, if you still not getting the tickets - they do given away free tickets! you just need to look for updates on their Twitter & Facebook page. okay! please get one now and if you already have, lets have some fun!

do bring your ukulele if you have one! we can jam around the park thou! weeeeee.

see yah!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Invitation : Acoustic Night

after we back from Relay For Life event,
we received and invitation from Music Society of University Nottingham Malaysia Campus.

we do really captured everyone attention huh? -  i mean our adorable ukulele.
well, we did take the chance to do a 10 minutes performance for their acoustic show.
we will be their guest performer !

its such an honour to be there.
the event will be on October 30th, starting 7pm till 9pm.

hope the weather is good.
and yeah, see you guys!

happy strumming!


Good Friday everyone!

how you guys been doing so far? i hope everything is well. i decided to write something up here as its been awhile i posted some short updates - always in a rush thou.

so far, MUG had been busy with invitation and practice session and also plans for future event. also, busy with personal stuff - raya la, wedding la, working overtime la. the list go on. i just take a while of my "office hour" to write down what we are working on now.

to review back on passed event, we had some new awesome experience for this year. we did Malaysia Ukulele Day. we work with awesome people in Frinjan - Farhan Azahan, Commas Industry - Grace Chin, Chatime Galleria, PJLA and so many people to list. the latest, we had been invited for #ChurpOut2012 and met the two hard-working ladies behind ChurpChurp - Mikaela & Michelle. Also Relay-ing our Life for the second time but this year, spotlight were on us! we enjoyed all of the event. hoping for more to come.

this year also, we did our first "Ohana" trip to Port Dickson. i guess, we should do 3 days 2 night trip. 2 days were never enough. but for sure, next, on december, we planning on going to Penang!

its super overwhelmed to have such a great respond from public, friends and family. from strangers we become friends. from C G Am F to C# Gm Ab Fm. a great bond with everyone. thank you so much! its very thoughtful of you for having us and we are so pleased for able to meet such a wonderful people. 

we hope that, one day. we able to make a big ukulele scene here in Malaysia. do support us. let us know how we can increase our chances to grow up further. its not popularity that we're looking for, but just to make the world a better place.

Next, two more big events coming up. Urbanscapes in November && Karnival Seni Kreatif Kita in December.

just drop us an email if you have any enquiries or anything. whatever it is, will always get back to you.
don't forget to spread the love.

sharing is caring.
and we do care.

beloved secretary,
xSofia Syed Ramli

Friday, 12 October 2012

Event Update

Aloha !

Due to we are super super super busy, i just give you guys a quick update on our event that we join in which is happening this weekend.

on October 13th, there will be #ChurpOut2012

we will be performing on #Stage at 3.20PM and also have a booth set up at #Inspiration area whereby there will be a open mic session also ukulele workshop ! come and join us! it will be super fun! 


later at night, we will off to UKM Bangi for #RelayForLife event. its our 2nd time joining them but this year, we will be on the main stage! our slot will be at 1050PM and yeah, we are there to support and try to raise fund for Cancer. along with, spreading #Ukulelelove !

see you guys! we will have a super awesome weekend!! 

UKEJAM PD Photo & Video


im sure everyone had super fun! we had a visit from uncle chuah and wife. uncle kamal and family. also a good friend of us, Pendekar Bambu. would love to come here again some other time.

we wish everyone could join us, on our next visit! more photo here : MUG PAGE

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


its not that we tired of the city - which we kinda did. we just want the whole "Malaysia Ukulele Group" to have a weekend together, strumming by the beach, drinking coconut shake, watching the sun set. camp fire ? the imagination continues .. so, we decide to have a short uke-trip to PD ! 


Duration : 2 Days & 1 Night
Location : Port Dickson 
Date : September 15th & 16th 


12.00PM - checkpoint @ tol sungai besi (the point where we all gather to convoy) 
1.30PM - start to convoy to PD / lunch 
3.00PM - check in @ The Horizon Sea (front bungalow) 
4.00PM - chilling by the beach 
6.00PM - clean/prepare for BBQ 
8.00PM - BBQ && UKEJAM till late 

8.00AM - loosing some muscle/pocopoco/taichi :P 
8.30AM - breakfast (by MUG) 
9.30AM - workshop (by DOREEN LIM) 
10.30AM - open mic session 
12.00PM - check out / free activity by own 

1. the house owner will provide 20 sleeping spot only - mattress. so, you can't expect to have a super luxury like the hotel - you're not coming here just to sleep aren't you? so, if you have a tent/sleeping bag/pillow/etc. do bring yourself. lets sleep outside! :D 

2. those who really need a bed, you need to let us know, so we can reserved for you - first come first serve basis. 

3. EVERYONE needs to pay RM50 to DOREEN LIM before this WEDNESDAY. contact direct with Doreen or just drop us a comment, we will contact you. :D 


5. if you don't have a transport, drop a comment, we can carpool. save money! or if you wanna go by train or whatever, just let us know too. as for now, mine && anuar's are still have empty seat! 

6. you can bring along friends/family/neighbor/whoever - as long as they pay the fee. hihi. 

7. even thou you just come for workshop/bbq/or any, you still need to pay RM50. 

8. its okay if you're coming LATE, everything starts at night onwards. the beach ain't go no way man! we'll be waiting. :DD 


i will add more if i think i missed some point. 

please don't hesitate to ask us if you need further assistance. i mean no harm. :D

about the bungalow :
TypeDouble-storey holiday bungalow
LocationKM2 (Batu 1) of Jalan Seremban, Port Dickson.
Features5 bed-rooms with Air-cond
room1: 1 queen and 1 single-beds
room2: 1 queen and 1 single-beds
room3: 2 single-beds
room4: 2 single-beds
room5: 2 single-beds
8 mattresses provided
3 washrooms
Dry kitchen with NO cooking facilities
but with kettle, fridge, utensils & cutlery
BBQ pitt
Very suitable for family/friends gathering.
to beach
Zero distance
Places of interestless than 30 minutes driving to Blue Lagoon;
less than 30 minutes driving to Cape Rachado;
less than 30 seconds walking to Pantai Tanjung Gemok;
less than 30 minutes driving to Pantai Cermin;
less than 30 minutes driving to Pantai Purnama;
less than 25 minutes driving to Pantai Teluk Kemang;
less than 25 minutes driving to PD Ostrich Show Farm;
less than 30 minutes driving to PD Mini Zoo

so, what say you? email us if you have any inquiries -  

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

MUG Event Update !

aloha everyone !

we hope every and each of you doing great. we are here are doing great and busy organizing and planning some fun activities for MUG. its been a while since our last UKEjam. i guess that was in July - Strum for a Cause.

During fasting month, we'd been invited by Publika to do a keroncong performance. which we did 4 session each week along the month. we had fun as for that was our first time performing keroncong - some of us, i mean. the crowd were not that big but to see each of them enjoy our performance, meant a lot to us.

we are not planning to do any UkeJam Raya this year, but twist it a little bit to something else. :D

let me update to you briefly our participating event on September :

UKE-JAM OUT to Port Dickson / September 15th & 16th. / Saturday & Sunday 
we will rent out a bungalow by the beach and gather everyone there for 2 days and a night. those who want to join, need to pay a little amount of fee including accommodation && meals. more activities we will update soon!

UKETIME 2 / September 22nd / Saturday / Chatime Galleria Lot 10 / 2pm - 4pm
in conjunction with H&M launching, Chatime Galleria invites us to organize UKETIME part we are happy to work with them once again. there will be ukulele quick workshop, open mic session and jam session as usual. more info to update!

#CHURPOUT 2012 / September 30th / Sunday / 11am - 10pm / Publika, Solaris Dutamas
we will be the key performers for Churp Out Festival. we are so excited! and also, we will be having a booth and do a free workshop, open mic session, jam session and ukulele display. its free. everyone are invited!

seems like, all week starting mid-september is full with ukulele. so, if anyone planning on having us for their open house raya, just let us now. we would love to come and eat. hihi. - just kidding! but please do. :D

if you have any question, just ask us. we are very pleased to answer. 
more updates, can join our group on facebook :

and happy strumming !
first of all,


from MUG team.

hope you guys had an awesome raya celebration and strumming some more raya song.


MUG Live

its's been awhile since our last update. before we go on, here we would like to share a recording from our last performance and interview session on TV3.

thanks to our friend, Naquib for recorded it. :)

Malaysia Ukulele Group on Malaysia Hari ini TV3


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

UKEJam - "Strum for a Cause"

Hi guys ! here's an update about MUG upcoming event.
this is our monthly picnic - UKEJAM #7 which is slightly at a different venue with a theme and we called it

we've been planning to do UKEjam session in various places around town but due to everyone busy schedule, we have to postpone and postponed and etc. as for now, we able to contact with Rumah Solehah and made a date for MUG to visit them at the same time get them to know more about UKULELE and of course, HAVE FUN !

"RUMAH SOLEHAH is a halfway house for women, children and orphans made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS.

It was established by the Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (PPIM) with the support of the Ministry of Health, to provide healthcare and medical treatment, as well as moral and spiritual support for the residents.

RUMAH SOLEHAH is currently housing 3 boys, 7 girls and 5 mothers.

Baby Rayyan - 10 bulan
Rashidi.          - 6 tahun
Yusof              - 8 tahun
Alissa.             - 7 tahun
Fina                 - 8 tahun
Fika.                 - 9 tahun
Fatihah.            - 9 tahun
Aziera.              - 10 tahun
Aisyah.              - 13 tahun 
Balqis.              - 14 tahun

RUMAH SOLEHAH have been lucky enough to receive the love and support from several organizations, groups and individuals (such as Standard Chartered, AsiaWorks, Jaclyn Victor Fan Club, Yayasan Salam,) over the years. 

And let's hope we will continue to do so for many more years to come..."

we are inviting all MUG'ers to come down and join the "Strum for a Cause" UKEJAM. we are about to make a different. this kids need attention and love. MUG itself was to create awareness of spreading the Ukulele-love. so, why not spend your weekend with this kids. strum some fun song. play some fun activities. eat some delicious food. - together.

here's the details about the event :

DATE : JULY 8th 2012 (SUNDAY)
TIME : 2PM till 6PM

we also would ask you guys a favor to bring food on your way here. its "POTLUCK". you can bring anything for us to chew to swallow to dig in as long as it doesn't bring bad to health. hehe. sharing is caring && do it with love.

we will update you more on whats happening that day.


2:30pm – Ketibaan
2.45pm – Kata-kata aluan, presiden/naib presiden/setiausaha
3.00pm – Ukejam 1*
3.30pm – Ukulele Musical Chair
4.00pm – Ukejam 2*
4.30pm – Jamuan Ringan (Potluck) dan Tamat (diiringi Geylang Si Paku Geylang)

*Senarai cadangan lagu untuk Ukejam.
  • 1.       Najwa Latif – Kosong
  • 2.       Bo – Lagu
  • 3.       Rasa Sayang
  • 4.       Jimmy Palikat  –  Tanak Kampung
  • 5.       Najwa Latif – Cinta Muka Buku
  • 6.       Yuna – Terukir Di Bintang
  • 7.       Yuna – Dan Sebenarnya
  • 8.       Etc 
//PS : if you don't have transport to go there, just drop a comment in event page or here. we can do car pool or work something out. okay! - nak seribu daya. hihi.

UKE.nited as ONE !

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Interview : NTV7 Breakfast Show

as we had been around actively for a year now and we are growing still, with the support of you guys. thank you so much ! we appreciated it. we'd been call for an interview, introducing our Ukulele Community here in Malaysia.

youtube below was recorded by Sofia's brother, there's no proper recording for this show thou. so, the quality is a little bit bad but anyway, atleast we have something than nothing right? :)

p/s ; mind the "ukelele", people used to mis-spell that. -__-

Thank you NTV7 Breakfast show for having us !

we have one more interview soon.

Photos : Uketime

its super hot outside in the mid town of kuala lumpur, but thank god Chatime Galleria, Lot 10 provide us some nice chill drinks ! we love it ! thank you Chatime Galleria :D

here are the photos of what's happening during last UKETIME.

we hope that everyone enjoy && we look forward to do more activities here, soon.

mahalo !