Wednesday, 29 February 2012

#MUD update : Limited MUD Tshirt

available in size : S | M | L | XL | XXL

price :
preorder - RM30
official day - RM35

Quality : 100 % Cotton Carded.

so, why wait ! fill in the form HERE and we will send you the account details.
thank you !




Thursday, 23 February 2012

SHOWCASE: Akar Kukubesi

As all know, on this Saturday MUG will be performing at the AKAR KUKUBESI event . The event was held at the Art Gallery of Shah Alam. See you there!
event details please click here.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

#MUD update : Group Strumming

Group Strumming by Malaysia Ukulele Group

we are inviting everyone. every strummer. bring your string instrument, here on Malaysia Ukulele Day because we are trying to do our own record of having 100 strummer for a "Group Strumm". we will have a song that used simple chords (easier for beginner to follow right, along with kids also) and all together we strum until our finger get numb !

The strumm will begin at the end of the evening before we closed the day event. hope you guys will stay there and join us. how awesome could it be ? if you have shaker, tambourine, xylophone, hey bring them along. show us some dance move too. why not ? haha.

i think you guys get excited already now because I AM SOOOO EXCITED and can't wait for this.

save the date everyone. you MUST come to this event.
March 17, 2012. MARK IT !


#MUD update - Schedule & Form

Hey guys !

i come back with the latest update here. if you notice in the blog, there's additional navigation button below the MUD banner which are MUD INFO & MUD WORKSHOP REGISTRATION.

MUD info - will show you the schedule of the event and we still need to finalise the overall schedule but for now, thats it !

we just need more performer for open mic session. if you are interested, please contact me on facebook or email me at we are happy to see you performing live ! don't be shy. show us what you got ! :)

MUD workshop registration -
if you are beginner and want to learn ukulele or just want to get to know more about ukulele, bring along your uke (if you don't, no worries. we have ukulele vendor who are going to sell ukulele on that day with special promotion. how awesome is that?) and our MUG'ers will teach you the special thing you can do with ukulele for a start. Don't forget to fill in the form (just click the link above) and you can count the days till the event date ! oh, this workshop is free !

we also have some group activities after the workshop done. so, make sure you get all the knowledge and skills. later, show us the talent hidden in you ! :D

you know how to strumm and bored with the same strumm ? in advance workshop handle by Ukulele Malaya, they will teach you styles of strum or maybe finger picking style. make sure you finger all warm up before the workshop starts. okay !

this workshop will have a fee of RM35 and payment can be made during the event. you can start collecting pocket money from today ! hihi.

i guess, thats all. do drop a comment if you have any question.

happy strumming !
uke-nited as one.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

#Event - Pekan Frinjan

This is the latest update for MUG upcoming showcase. as we are collaborating with Frinjan for Malaysia Ukulele Day, we have this opportunity to perform and at the same time promote our event here in Pekan Frinjan Edisi 27. we will perform to you guys 5 cover song. we hope we get more people to fall in love with ukulele and join us in Malaysia Ukulele Day this March 17.

come and join us !
meet us there ! C:

click link here for more info about the event :

Friday, 10 February 2012

#MUD update : Flyers

Finally !

more info about MALAYSIA UKULELE DAY will update soon.
so, for now, please save the date.

we have lots of ukulele activities.
you guys also will be getting special promotion on ukulele from ukulele booth
by participant vendors like Ukulele Malaya, Manuel Ukulele and more to come !

wait for it !
okay !

if you need details about the event, you can find us on Facebook.
(can find the link on the right side of the web)

thank you !

#MUD update : Kyas Ryo

Today, i would like to tell you guys a little bit about our next line up for live streaming. a guy from japan. he looks a little bit like Guy Sabastian. i think. hehe. his name is Kyas Ryo. i don't really get in touch with him, but dealing with him is easy. not really much to ask. he's friendly thou. and of course, he's really good in ukulele. he will perform during the upcoming Thailand Ukulele Festival 2

here is more about Kyas-san and where you can find him :

KYAS, an ukulele virtuoso, has won the most technique prize in the Kiwaya Ukulele Contest
2007 in Japan. He has performed at 40th Ukulele Festival Hawaii 2010 and Thailand Ukulele Festival in March 2011. He is also the leader of pop band "Song Sparrow" in Japan where he takes care of all the song composition. KYAS is an artist who always challenge the possibility of ukulele music

Mata chikaiuchini kyas-san ! (i hope what im trying to say is right. haha)
uke-nited. as. one.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

#MUD update : Anna Pease && Joshua Lee

we love to have friends from all over the globe. from sabah to jogja. and should go back to penang. but wait, instead of penang, we can, maybe go to london ! why not ? Anna Pease is now in london, waiting for "miracle" to come out along with Joshua Lee. (if you know what i mean)

Joshua teach ukulele back in Penang. I actually met Anna once and never met Joshua yet. so, i never get the chance to get to know them better and share with you guys. maybe one day, we can have a proper interview and share some interesting stories. maybe lots of it. im sure ! :D

they will be joining us also for live streaming on MUD ! so, we can't wait for it.

find them in facebook :

&& their music :

(Music4Humanity is a global music project aimed at inspiring humanity and enriching the lives of others through music and compassion)

(there you can find ukulele art where all the ukulele art drawn by Joshua. how cool is that!)

see you both soon !
much love.
uke-nited. as. one.

#MUD update : Answer Sheet

Hi Mug'ers and friends. as for we are counting down on our Malaysia Ukulele Day, we will let guys know a little bit about our line up for Live Streaming slot. Maybe some of you heard about them, and some maybe not. So, here it is.

besides Orkes Akiuku, we will have : Answer Sheet

i, myself don't really know much but after Anuar Omar mention it, i try to get to know them better. they are from indonesia and they play ukulele - of course. try to listen to their music, you will love it !

More info about them in facebook :

The ukulele duo consisting of Wafiq Giotama (Ogi) and Mas Gilang Karebet (Karebet). 2 Javanese youngsters from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Met at the same class on high school, chatted around until they found some similarity, music. Karebet at first was already interested with mixing, as he had a self electro project. Ogi was a drummer for a Deathcore band. One day, there was an intern art festival at their school that they have chosen to take participation in. They decided to gather together with another friend but then ended up being only the two of them. They tried the two man band format with only guitar and drums. It didn't work out so the project disbanded.

After several months, Ogi found his lover over the internet, the ukulele. His curiosity about ukulele made himself as the co-founder of Indonesia Ukulele Community (with his two other friends). Interested along the way, Ogi spreaded the virus. Karebet got something called "UKESYNDROME" and decided to re-unite as Answer Sheet. The name "Answer Sheet" comes from like when you're on an exam, sometimes you get a good mark, sometimes awful. That's the way their music is: Sometimes good and sometimes awful, but they're trying the best they can.

Maybe you can describe their music as an Indie/Pop/Folk, even it isn't exactly the best name to describe their music. Influenced by musicians (most of them ukulele players) such as Zach Condon (Beirut), Jake Shimabukuro, Christofer Drew (Nevershoutnever), Stephen Jerzak, Forrest Kline (Hellogoodbye), Jens Lekman, Billie The Vision & The Dancers,The Trees & The Wild, and millions more.

Discography :
- Uke got EP Live in Bedroom (March 2010) |
- Answer Sheet SEA 001 SEAINDIE Singles (Dec 2010) |

find them here also :

from kuala lumpur to Yogyakarta .
uke-nited. as. one.

#MUD update : Orkes Akiuku

This upcoming event this march - Malaysia Ukulele Day, we will introduce to you, Orkes Akiuku. They will do live streaming for us, straight from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. yeay ! If any of you from Sabah and still didn't know about this group, check them out on Facebook.

Here is more info about Orkes Akiuku :

The Name Akiuku comes from the word "Aki Nabalu"(originally name of the mountain in Sabah) and "Ukulele". It is the form of two very special places in our hearts.

This is a group of ukulele lovers at the isle of Borneo. We gather to strum like jumping fleas. We learn songs and jam together. Having fun that's what we do. And talk about live, love and life as we know it. And of course much more.

Nama Akiuku berasal dari ayat "aki Nabalu"(merupakan nama asal gunung di Sabah) dan "Ukulele". Ia merupakan dua subject yang selalu berada didalam hati kami.

Perkumpulan para peminat ukulele di Kepulauan Borneo. Dimana kami berkumpul, belajar lagu sambil membuat sesi "jamming" bersama. Berseronok bersama itu pasti. Juga berseloroh tentang pelbagai perkara.

Orkes Akiuku Youtube channel :

MUG wish you guys, all the best !
uke-nited. as. one.

Monday, 6 February 2012

February Frinjan

This is our first show for 2012. we've been invited by Frinjan to perform a slot at Pekan Frinjan in February 24th. so, come and join us ! see you guys there !

here is the event details (copied from frinjan facebook) :


Pekan Frinjan adalah acara bulanan yang mempersatukan muzik, puisi, teater, fesyen, aktivisme, buku dan macam-macam. Edisi yang ke 27 akan berlangsung di Kompleks Belia & Kebudayaan Selangor pada hari jumaat, 24 Februari.

Tempat: Kompleks Belia & Kebudayaan Selangor di Seksyen 7 Shah Alam (depan UNISEL dan bersebelahan Taman Tasik Seksyen 7)
Tarikh: 24 Februari 2012, Jumaat
Masa: 8 malam (bazar bermula jam 5 petang)

Barisan pengkarya:

- Najwa Latif
- Malaysia Ukulele Group (MUG)
- Zip Zieller
- Skinbasher
- Sham Kamarul
- Iamneeta

- Promo Malaysia Ukulele Day 17 Mac 2012

*Lain-lain pengkarya akan diumumkan dari semasa ke semasa

*Berminat untuk tampil, dipersilakan emel ke

Baucar buku RM200 boleh digunakan di booth Distro Buku, Selut Press, Gerakbudaya & Lejen Press!

juga pelbagai buku-buku baru dari penerbit kecil dan besar boleh diperolehi di sini. Tidak lupa untuk untuk yang suka berfesyen dan membeli belah apa saja, puluhan gerai menanti :)

Tentang Pekan Frinjan

Pekan Frinjan adalah salah satu inisiatif kelompok Frinjan bertujuan untuk membudayakan masyarakat. Ini dilakukan dengan membawa pelbagai aktiviti seni dan kebudayaan terus kepada masyarakat umum, khususnya di laman massa dan jalanan.

Dengan mempersembahkan seni dan budaya dalam bentuk “pop”, diharapkan masyarakat akan terus mahu mendekati bahan berteraskan intelektualisme. Ini penting dalam membentuk sebuah negara dan persekitaran bertamadun yang tidak hanya mementingkan pembangunan ekonomi semata-mata.

Tentang Frinjan

Frinjan adalah sebuah kolektif longgar pengkarya dan penikmat seni budaya, dan kata 'Frinjan' diambil dari perkataan Bahasa Inggeris, 'fringe'. Resondeternya ialah untuk menganjurkan aktiviti seni budaya bersifat semi-komersil dengan suntikan literari, pembudayaan masyarakat dan pengembangan sosial.

Frinjan berpendirian untuk memanfaatkan seni sebagai medium untuk menarik perhatian masyarakat terhadap isu-isu sosial politik yang berlaku. Isu-isu sosial politik yang dimaksudkan itu adalah politik nilai yang bersifat sejagat dan melangkaui politik kepartian iaitu tentang hak asasi manusia, menolak perkauman, kebebasan berekspresi dan sebagainya.

Frinjan juga sering bekerjasama dengan badan bukan kerajaan, komuniti seni dan institusi pendidikan. Frinjan turut berhasrat untuk memanfaatkan seni sebagai medium pemerkasaan anak-anak muda untuk mendepani pemasalahan yang berlaku di mana-mana.

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi:

012 204 4557 : Paan (Pertanyaan Umum)
012 664 8873 : Hadi ( Pasar Buku)

atau emel ke


Pekan Frinjan 27 ini dianjurkan oleh Komuniti Frinjan dengan sokongan dari GEN-S, Tourism Selangor dan turut dibantu oleh MBSA

Terima kasih! :)


we will be having something big this upcoming March ! and we will update to you soon !
get your uke ready dear ukulele lovers ! :D

4th Uke-Jam

and like the month before, we're back with our monthly ukulele jam. this time we decided to do at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa officially because we think that it is the most suitable place to gather everyone and not much traffic - i guess. haha.

this time we have Faezah Saddi from Orkes Akiuku && Anna Pease from Penang. yeay !

MUG && Digital Durian

Style Weddings first collaboration with MUG (Malaysia Ukulele Group). Its a video they submitted to Astro MyMusic. we made it through !

it is in conjunction of Malaysia Independence Day.

Lemon Tree Cover by MUG

The "killer" song but favourite one by Doreen Lim

You And I Cover by MUG

During Pipit by Sofia Syed Ramli

Pipit Wonderful Market Showcase

we had been invited by Pipit to perform during their Pipit Wonderful Market held in Annexe Gallery, Central Market. this is our first time ever doing a proper performance in front of audience. we had fun and everyone enjoy our show. yey !

thanks to family and friends and the rest of the pipit-iers for the support ! <3


2nd Uke-Jam Raya

We had our 2nd Uke-Jam with the theme of RAYA ! there were raya cookies and also baju raya - even not everyone wore it but yeah, we still in the mood of raya.

jam few raya song while eating the cookies. even thou its raining, but thank god there's a Gazebo for shed. C:

MUG at Relay For Life

What is Relay ?

It is a 16-Hour Event that You’ll Never Forget!

Relay For Life is an over-night event, celebrating the lives of cancer survivors as well as to remember the lives of loved ones who have lost the battle. It is a high-spirited event where everyone in the community can join in the fight against cancer. It is a day filled with fun, comradeship and festivities. A time when people you know and people you don’t know team up to raise public awareness about cancer in the community.

We MUG support relay and we bring along our uke as we believe that ukulele can make the world as a happy place and we love to make people happy ! C:

1st UkeJam

Hi everyone ! its been a while we don't update you will all the news from what'd been happening all these years. so, i would like to recap back all MUG activities back in 2011.

This is our very first meeting - Ukulele Jam. we gather everyone at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa and introduce ourselves. Later, as usual, jam few song and we had fun !

Here i shared with you few photos :