Tuesday, 7 February 2012

#MUD update : Answer Sheet

Hi Mug'ers and friends. as for we are counting down on our Malaysia Ukulele Day, we will let guys know a little bit about our line up for Live Streaming slot. Maybe some of you heard about them, and some maybe not. So, here it is.

besides Orkes Akiuku, we will have : Answer Sheet

i, myself don't really know much but after Anuar Omar mention it, i try to get to know them better. they are from indonesia and they play ukulele - of course. try to listen to their music, you will love it !

More info about them in facebook :

The ukulele duo consisting of Wafiq Giotama (Ogi) and Mas Gilang Karebet (Karebet). 2 Javanese youngsters from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Met at the same class on high school, chatted around until they found some similarity, music. Karebet at first was already interested with mixing, as he had a self electro project. Ogi was a drummer for a Deathcore band. One day, there was an intern art festival at their school that they have chosen to take participation in. They decided to gather together with another friend but then ended up being only the two of them. They tried the two man band format with only guitar and drums. It didn't work out so the project disbanded.

After several months, Ogi found his lover over the internet, the ukulele. His curiosity about ukulele made himself as the co-founder of Indonesia Ukulele Community (with his two other friends). Interested along the way, Ogi spreaded the virus. Karebet got something called "UKESYNDROME" and decided to re-unite as Answer Sheet. The name "Answer Sheet" comes from like when you're on an exam, sometimes you get a good mark, sometimes awful. That's the way their music is: Sometimes good and sometimes awful, but they're trying the best they can.

Maybe you can describe their music as an Indie/Pop/Folk, even it isn't exactly the best name to describe their music. Influenced by musicians (most of them ukulele players) such as Zach Condon (Beirut), Jake Shimabukuro, Christofer Drew (Nevershoutnever), Stephen Jerzak, Forrest Kline (Hellogoodbye), Jens Lekman, Billie The Vision & The Dancers,The Trees & The Wild, and millions more.

Discography :
- Uke got EP Live in Bedroom (March 2010) | http://www.mediafire.com/?ngymei3n2zn
- Answer Sheet SEA 001 SEAINDIE Singles (Dec 2010) |http://www.seaindie.com/blog/?p=906

find them here also :

from kuala lumpur to Yogyakarta .
uke-nited. as. one.


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