Wednesday, 22 February 2012

#MUD update : Group Strumming

Group Strumming by Malaysia Ukulele Group

we are inviting everyone. every strummer. bring your string instrument, here on Malaysia Ukulele Day because we are trying to do our own record of having 100 strummer for a "Group Strumm". we will have a song that used simple chords (easier for beginner to follow right, along with kids also) and all together we strum until our finger get numb !

The strumm will begin at the end of the evening before we closed the day event. hope you guys will stay there and join us. how awesome could it be ? if you have shaker, tambourine, xylophone, hey bring them along. show us some dance move too. why not ? haha.

i think you guys get excited already now because I AM SOOOO EXCITED and can't wait for this.

save the date everyone. you MUST come to this event.
March 17, 2012. MARK IT !