Friday, 10 February 2012

#MUD update : Kyas Ryo

Today, i would like to tell you guys a little bit about our next line up for live streaming. a guy from japan. he looks a little bit like Guy Sabastian. i think. hehe. his name is Kyas Ryo. i don't really get in touch with him, but dealing with him is easy. not really much to ask. he's friendly thou. and of course, he's really good in ukulele. he will perform during the upcoming Thailand Ukulele Festival 2

here is more about Kyas-san and where you can find him :

KYAS, an ukulele virtuoso, has won the most technique prize in the Kiwaya Ukulele Contest
2007 in Japan. He has performed at 40th Ukulele Festival Hawaii 2010 and Thailand Ukulele Festival in March 2011. He is also the leader of pop band "Song Sparrow" in Japan where he takes care of all the song composition. KYAS is an artist who always challenge the possibility of ukulele music

Mata chikaiuchini kyas-san ! (i hope what im trying to say is right. haha)
uke-nited. as. one.


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