Tuesday, 7 February 2012

#MUD update : Orkes Akiuku

This upcoming event this march - Malaysia Ukulele Day, we will introduce to you, Orkes Akiuku. They will do live streaming for us, straight from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. yeay ! If any of you from Sabah and still didn't know about this group, check them out on Facebook.

Here is more info about Orkes Akiuku :

The Name Akiuku comes from the word "Aki Nabalu"(originally name of the mountain in Sabah) and "Ukulele". It is the form of two very special places in our hearts.

This is a group of ukulele lovers at the isle of Borneo. We gather to strum like jumping fleas. We learn songs and jam together. Having fun that's what we do. And talk about live, love and life as we know it. And of course much more.

Nama Akiuku berasal dari ayat "aki Nabalu"(merupakan nama asal gunung di Sabah) dan "Ukulele". Ia merupakan dua subject yang selalu berada didalam hati kami.

Perkumpulan para peminat ukulele di Kepulauan Borneo. Dimana kami berkumpul, belajar lagu sambil membuat sesi "jamming" bersama. Berseronok bersama itu pasti. Juga berseloroh tentang pelbagai perkara.

Orkes Akiuku Youtube channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/orkesakiuku

MUG wish you guys, all the best !
uke-nited. as. one.


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