Monday, 19 March 2012

Malaysia Ukulele Day 2012 @ 17th March

Thanks for making the 1st ever Malaysia Ukulele Day 2012 happened!

++ Some Highlight of the day ++

The event started with Beginner workshop instructed by Satria Utama & Doreen Lim.

Student in the class.
A gang of ukulele kids join MUD too!

MUGers and some ukulele friends!

Open Mic session!

Open Mic

The crowd in MUD
Media interview- RTM
Media interview- RTM
Media interview- RTM

Performance by D.I.A

Media interview- WBC
The Highlight of MUD- Group Strumming!!

Live Streaming from Scottland with Joshua & Anna!
Live Streaming from Japan with Kyas Ryo!

By the way, I Can't wait to upload the GROUP STRUMMING video here! It was so much FUN! (Still loading in Youtube......Stay tune!)