Friday, 12 October 2012

Event Update

Aloha !

Due to we are super super super busy, i just give you guys a quick update on our event that we join in which is happening this weekend.

on October 13th, there will be #ChurpOut2012

we will be performing on #Stage at 3.20PM and also have a booth set up at #Inspiration area whereby there will be a open mic session also ukulele workshop ! come and join us! it will be super fun! 


later at night, we will off to UKM Bangi for #RelayForLife event. its our 2nd time joining them but this year, we will be on the main stage! our slot will be at 1050PM and yeah, we are there to support and try to raise fund for Cancer. along with, spreading #Ukulelelove !

see you guys! we will have a super awesome weekend!!