Friday, 19 October 2012


Good Friday everyone!

how you guys been doing so far? i hope everything is well. i decided to write something up here as its been awhile i posted some short updates - always in a rush thou.

so far, MUG had been busy with invitation and practice session and also plans for future event. also, busy with personal stuff - raya la, wedding la, working overtime la. the list go on. i just take a while of my "office hour" to write down what we are working on now.

to review back on passed event, we had some new awesome experience for this year. we did Malaysia Ukulele Day. we work with awesome people in Frinjan - Farhan Azahan, Commas Industry - Grace Chin, Chatime Galleria, PJLA and so many people to list. the latest, we had been invited for #ChurpOut2012 and met the two hard-working ladies behind ChurpChurp - Mikaela & Michelle. Also Relay-ing our Life for the second time but this year, spotlight were on us! we enjoyed all of the event. hoping for more to come.

this year also, we did our first "Ohana" trip to Port Dickson. i guess, we should do 3 days 2 night trip. 2 days were never enough. but for sure, next, on december, we planning on going to Penang!

its super overwhelmed to have such a great respond from public, friends and family. from strangers we become friends. from C G Am F to C# Gm Ab Fm. a great bond with everyone. thank you so much! its very thoughtful of you for having us and we are so pleased for able to meet such a wonderful people. 

we hope that, one day. we able to make a big ukulele scene here in Malaysia. do support us. let us know how we can increase our chances to grow up further. its not popularity that we're looking for, but just to make the world a better place.

Next, two more big events coming up. Urbanscapes in November && Karnival Seni Kreatif Kita in December.

just drop us an email if you have any enquiries or anything. whatever it is, will always get back to you.
don't forget to spread the love.

sharing is caring.
and we do care.

beloved secretary,
xSofia Syed Ramli


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