Monday, 17 June 2013



How are you guys doing? Feeling good?

well, im sure everyone is.

year of 2013 so far had been very good to us. we appreciate all the continuous support from family, friends, government, corporate parties, ukulele friends all over the world, and you. in a way, it gave us the spirit to continue the journey of spreading the ukulele love - non stop!


as we can see, ukulele community had grown so much within this 3 years - along the growth of MUG. we really happy to see the ukulele is really happening right now and to sustain the vibe and the good feedback, we need to keep in updating database here for others to refer.

before i continue, i shall make clear of the purposed creating MUG at the first place. we had been around, here in KL for 2 years. working together and making the awareness on top. so far, we had performed in Penang, Port Dickson, Pasir Gudang and all over Kuala Lumpur. from friend's small event to two days festival. that was somehow a channel given to us to make people alert on what the tiny instrument is all about. as we can see the communitu had fully grown now, we are now want to help the other new born community to experience what we had all these years also to work along the ukulele specialist retailers. so that one day, ukulele can also be the important instrument in music - especially music scene in Malaysia. we believe in ukulele is a happy instrument. an instrument which can bring along the unity in nations.

i need your help. do share with me the Community/Retailers that relates to Ukulele. it doesnt matter if the community is small - as long as its active also if its just an online shop selling cheap ukulele - as long as there is a passion of spreading the love.

i had listed a few - do refer to TAB above ; COMMUNITY & RETAILERS

together we can make this happen!

let me know if you have question and information to share.
you can email to me at



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