Thursday, 4 July 2013


Aloha !

hope you guys are doing great. 
weekend is just around the corner and i'm sure everyone just can't wait for it. 

i do. :D

so, little update here for the weekend - sunday, if you don't have anything in mind just yet. over the last weekend, during #ukejam9, we had new members joining us and got to know each other while strumming the ukulele together. one of them are ms jaclyn teh.

she's a founder of a group which they called it, KLPAC Junior String Ensemble (if im not mistaken, there are violin & ukulele) this newly formed group is actually one of a way that Jaclyn try to create a bond between parents and children - which is by music influence.

ukulele is obviously a happy family instrument, right? no? i agree with that myself. anyway, after she attended our last #ukejam9, she is organizing jam session at Lake Titiwangsa, this 7th July (Sunday) with the group from 4pm to 6pm. its exactly the same place where we did our ukejam  - look for Stadium Titiwangsa, you won't be lost. :)

do come by and join them, it will be so much fun! we had a super great time last weekend anyway. thats why we can sure this time will be more awesome.

don't be shy. be friendly! don't forget to bring your ukulele, friends and family!