Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Canvas Photo Print by Ye Saya Daus Photography

as you guys know, our super talented photographer, Ye Saya Daus had done a superb job in capturing and reminiscing the ukulele memories and everything MUG had been through. its good to have him around to do documentation on our journey  spreading the ukulele awareness also sometimes, we do forced him to perform the ukulele on stage while we do the "moment-to-remember" on his behalf - haha. we never torture him thou. yes, we love him! 

to cut the story line short, from the photo that he took, he printed on to a canvas and selling for RM20 only! me and anuar had a copy and we were amazed by the printing quality. its worth the money - its cheap too dont you think? so, daus open for order for this two photo below - i know it may not have you in this photo, but for the love of ukulele, why not having one for art/decoration purposed? yes? :)
if you thought of doing special order, you can contact him personally - muhammadfirdausbinsalleh@gmail.com maybe he can work something out for you. 

you can also view his travelog via this link - Kembara Kita 

selling for RM20 each with frame.
order end this Friday, October 11th.

email to : 
muhammadfirdausbinsalleh@gmail.com or

Photo 1

Photo 2

any inquiries, do let us know!

Competition : Guitar && Ukulele Music Talent

How is everybody doing?
Hope you guys had a good week still.

 (click image for bigger view)

im sure every single person have their own unique skill and talent. each one of us have that specialty which we may and may not realize it. so, why not you give it a try to join this competition! show your hidden talent and throw down the gauntlet to yourself.

in this competition the are two categories :
a. children (4-12 years)
b. adult (13-25 years)

all you need to do are :
record a cover video which not more than 3mins (only ukulele and guitar accepted) of you or with a friend (max 2 person in a group) upload it to your facebook (or youtube) and share the link to MUSIC TO YOU facebook or 
email it to m2uhelp@hotmail.com / music2_you@hotmail.com - for video size not more than 10MB, or
hand over to Music To You Centre - for video size not more than 2GB.

send all the video before October 27th 
the result for the audition will be announce on November 3rd
while the final competition will be on November 17th

you can check out the terms and condition for the competition here

there will be a RM10 fees for registration.
great prizes awaits! dont missed the chance. just give it a try.
you might not know it will be your lucky day to win this!

you can refer to us, MUG for more info and competition forms - aloha@malaysiaukulelegroup.com
or Music To You Centre - music2_you@hotmail.com

spread the love!

Ukulele Master - Kimo Hussey & David Chen visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

as per this month theme "UKE-TOBER", 1st phase of this madness just ended. i personally think that everyone who had participate through out the event surely enjoy and worth their time attending the workshop and jamming session.

on behalf of MUG, we felt like its a dream came true. seriously!

we would like to thank William Kok, Jaclyn Teh and Kelly Teh for bringing the great ukulele Master here and share the knowledge one on one and its still unbelievable!

supported by The Guitar Store, L.Luthier, KLPAC, Ukulele Malaya, Ukulele Sunshine Group, Junior String Ensemble, MUG, individuals, Parents and everyone who involved. you guys are such a great, warmhearted people. 

thank you Kimo Hussey & David Chen for willing to share the love, spend the time with us here. and you both are always welcome to come again and we can do everything all over again and hope to get more support 100% from everyone.

we shall say, terima kasih dan jumpa lagi!

photo courtesy of Jaclyn Teh & David Chen