Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Canvas Photo Print by Ye Saya Daus Photography

as you guys know, our super talented photographer, Ye Saya Daus had done a superb job in capturing and reminiscing the ukulele memories and everything MUG had been through. its good to have him around to do documentation on our journey  spreading the ukulele awareness also sometimes, we do forced him to perform the ukulele on stage while we do the "moment-to-remember" on his behalf - haha. we never torture him thou. yes, we love him! 

to cut the story line short, from the photo that he took, he printed on to a canvas and selling for RM20 only! me and anuar had a copy and we were amazed by the printing quality. its worth the money - its cheap too dont you think? so, daus open for order for this two photo below - i know it may not have you in this photo, but for the love of ukulele, why not having one for art/decoration purposed? yes? :)
if you thought of doing special order, you can contact him personally - muhammadfirdausbinsalleh@gmail.com maybe he can work something out for you. 

you can also view his travelog via this link - Kembara Kita 

selling for RM20 each with frame.
order end this Friday, October 11th.

email to : 
muhammadfirdausbinsalleh@gmail.com or

Photo 1

Photo 2

any inquiries, do let us know!


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