Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Ukulele Master - Kimo Hussey & David Chen visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

as per this month theme "UKE-TOBER", 1st phase of this madness just ended. i personally think that everyone who had participate through out the event surely enjoy and worth their time attending the workshop and jamming session.

on behalf of MUG, we felt like its a dream came true. seriously!

we would like to thank William Kok, Jaclyn Teh and Kelly Teh for bringing the great ukulele Master here and share the knowledge one on one and its still unbelievable!

supported by The Guitar Store, L.Luthier, KLPAC, Ukulele Malaya, Ukulele Sunshine Group, Junior String Ensemble, MUG, individuals, Parents and everyone who involved. you guys are such a great, warmhearted people. 

thank you Kimo Hussey & David Chen for willing to share the love, spend the time with us here. and you both are always welcome to come again and we can do everything all over again and hope to get more support 100% from everyone.

we shall say, terima kasih dan jumpa lagi!

photo courtesy of Jaclyn Teh & David Chen



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