Friday, 29 November 2013

Post Thailand Ukulele Festival 2013

its been  more than a month since the recent Thailand Ukulele Festival and we didnt have a chance to update about our travel experience for attending the international event for the first time.

at first, its only two representative and at the very last minute, another two members come and tag along. surely its the event no one should ever missed - especially ukulele enthusiast! we met ukulele players from all around the world - Taiwan, Canada, Japan, USA, Philipines, Indonesia and of course Thailand itself.

being the ukulele player performing to represent Malaysia was such a great honor. thank you Ribbee Ukulele for giving us the chance to perform.

finally, we met Kyas Ryo from Japan. very nice guy whom we had him viewing via Skype during our own Malaysia Ukulele Day back in 2012. also not forgetting, Hawaiian superstar, Aldrine Guerrero, Kalei Gamiao, Derick Sebastian and Benny Chong.

we will make sure next year we will bring the whole Malaysia Ukulele ohana to come and join the fun. and hopefully, we can also make it to Taiwan Ukulele Festival, Hawaii Ukulele Festival and all ukulele festival around the world.

to end the story, here are some photo we took over the two days event.