Tuesday, 12 August 2014

UKEJAMBOREE at Janda Baik, Pahang

Hey guys!

we are planning to do uke-jam-boree in SEPTEMBER! in Janda Baik. 

Event details :
UKE-JAM-BOREE (2 Days 1 Night)
September 6th & 7th
Saturday & Sunday

MUG will rent a guesthouse there. we gonna do workshops / ukejams / BBQ / outdoor activities / swimming / get close with nature / laugh and laugh and have fun!

if you have questions & suggestions, let us know.
its good for you to bring a long your family too! family weekend gateway. cool isn't it? yeay!

but, do know that its LIMITED to numbers of 40 people. so, let us know that you are coming alright!

Tentative :

Meeting Point : R&R Genting Sempah + Lunch

Day 1, Saturday -
Check in 
Rest & Relax
Workshop 1

Day 2, Sunday -
Senaman Berirama
Open Jamm
Workshop 2*
Check Out

*Workshop 2 will be open to anyone who want to share any knowledge about music - ukes, flute, drum and anything related.

Fee :

Adult : RM30 (include accommodation / tea break / dinner / breakfast) 
Kids : RM 10 (7 years and above)
Child : FOC (below 7 years)

Bank in to 
MAYBANK 1623 4836 4252
CIMB 7600 4263 01

reference : UKEJAMBOREE

you MUST email you DETAILS* to us with the proof of payment at 


*details include your NAME (group members name if staying together) / PHONE / CHALET DETAILS OR PREFER TENT

Payment should be made before : AUGUST 25th, (Monday)

Confirmed and Paid:
1. Firanah and Dania
2. Mr. & Mrs. Shahril and kids.
3. Azreen
4. Shafiq, Wani & Ikhlas
5. Jenny & Angie
6. Anuar, Shikin & Faris
7. Doreen & Lois
8. Sofia
9. Taa Abas

So far 14 adults and 5 kids.



+ there are 7 showers on the compound or you can also enjoy the rivers !

Item to bring on your own :
- Towels
- Toiletries 
- Blanket /Toto (extra just to make sure you keep yourself warm at night)
- Insect Repellent (dalam hutan kan, tau je lah)
- Frisbees / Boomerang / Badminton / you name it all! 

any inquiries, you can contact this person :
Sofia Syed Ramli - 019 548 3729
Doreen Lim - 012 655 2779
Anuar Omar - 013 353 4757

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Kalei Gamiao LIVE in KL!

First time I saw him perform live on stage was on last year at TIUF (Thai International Ukulele Festival) in Bangkok. Humble, Skillful and Entertaining! These three words enough to elaborate about this guy! And now he will be coming over to perform live in Kuala Lumpur on his Ukulele Redefine Asia Tour. Concert will be held on 21st June 2014 at Matic@KL of Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Prior concert, there will have ukulele workshop session conducted by himself. This a great chance for everyone to see and learn ukulele techniques from him. You may not able to get this chance come again! Don't miss it! Guarantee no regret! Everyone who played the ukulele should come to the event. Concert event is fully organized by Ukulele Malaya, any ticket purchase can get through online purchase by clicking HERE or come to Ukulele Malaya showroom to purchase pass entry.

Get your pass with affordable price including workshop & performance by Kalei Gamiao from Ukulele Malaya! Az Samad and W.I.L.U will be the guest performer for the opening act. Az was one of the great local musician that we ever see. Also very humble and skillful, but the most I like about him is on his music itself, all his melodies very soulful. So let's come to support our local ukulele musician too.

Event Details
[Date] : 21th June 2014 (Saturday)
[Venue] : Amphitheatre,Malaysia Tourism Centre (Matic),Jalan Ampang,Kuala Lumpur (Next to Saloma Bistro)
[Time] :-
  • Workshop Only:  5:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Performance:       8:00pm to 10:00pm
[Pass Price] :-
  1. Ukulele Workshop by Kalei Gamiao ONLY = RM20 Per Pax
  2. Performance Kalei Gamiao ONLY =  RM20 Per Pax
  3. Ukulele Workshop + Performance Kalei Gamiao (COMBO) = RM35 Per Pax

Kalei Gamiao - Biography
Wielding his ukulele like it will one day rule the world, Kalei Gamiao mesmerizes audiences with imaginative musicality and flawless execution. This soft spoken young man can silence a talkative crowd as he delicately picks or fires away at his simple four-stringed instrument. Captivated by his skill and the ukulele’s versatility, expressions like “I was floored” or “he had me at the edge of my seat” are familiar responses from first time listeners who eagerly fall under the power of Kalei’s ukulele. His ability to create sounds that are incredibly rich and full are even more amazing when you consider he only has two octaves to work with. Award winning ukulele master, Herb Ohta, Jr., summed it up best when he declared, “Kalei's music and ukulele prowess will take the ukulele to new heights!”

Az Samad - Biography
Ukulele/Guitarist-Composer-Educator Az Samad has recorded with Grammy Winners Flaco JimĂ©nez & Max Baca; graduated & taught at the prestigious Berklee College of Music; performed in the United States, Europe & Asia; and appeared on 21 CDs ranging in styles from Tex-Mex, Contemporary Jazz to solo acoustic guitar. His works have been described as “richly textured, poetic and atmospheric”. Previously based in Berkeley, California; Az now lives in Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

PPUM Pediatric Oncology Annual Family Carnival

 Photo courtesy by Musafir Dunia

It's been a while we're not updating this page. However after a year, we will go back to the PPUM again for the above festival to cheer up all the kids there.. MUG will do a performance, so if anyone out there interested to join us please do accept below event in FB.

If you want to see the previous festival which held on 2012, Go click here. So we hope we can more participants to support this event. Uke-nited As One!

Friday, 21 February 2014

I Love Ukulele Festival 2014 by L.Luthier


We would like to invite you guys to come over to "I LOVE UKULELE FESTIVAL 2014" organised by L.Luthier. There will be ukulele concert, contest and workshop - in one day. how great is that?

event details as below :

as you can see, our ukulele master is back! Kimo Hussey and David Chen. if you guys missed last workshop done by them, you shouldn't missed this one. seriously! its worth it!

regarding on ukulele contest, its open to everyone who are interested in showing off their talents, do note that contestants and audiences both pay the same entry of RM35, and will get a free T-Shirt that will be like your ticket to the entire event. Contest entries will close on March 3rd, so do take note. Prizes up for grabs are our island series ukuleles. 

for forms and contest rules, you can click this link that will direct you to MUG page - File. and look for I Love Ukulele Form / Contest Rules you can download and send it back to L.Luthier

save the date : MARCH 29th, 2014. bring along your friends and family. not forgetting your ukulele! it will be lots of uke-fun! and hope to see you guys there!


Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Aloha strumers!! As mentioned in FB before, on this coming Saturday, 22/2/2014. MUG has partnered with Sendikit Sol-Jah  to organize ukulele mini concert and poetry readings at Rumah Pena, KL. Event will be start on 8.00pm until finish. Ukulele Malaya also will be there to open booth for selling their products. For fans of Nasi Kuning (Nasi Lemak Utara), Zira's Kitchen also will be there. Don't be surprise the price is very super cheap!


Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Aloha everyone!

It's still not too late to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to everyone right? hahahaha.. sorry for slow update in these two months because most of us are too busy recently. However, now we come back with a new and fresh activities for the year of 2014. We had planed to organize few events along this year such as jamming, workshop, open mic competition and uke festival! The nearest event is UKEJAM SESSION at TALENT LOUNGE, PJ Trade Centre Damansara Perdana. Event slots are open mic, jamming and short workshop session. ADMISSION FREE! and all levels are invited to join us on this coming Saturday 25/01/2014 from 3.30pm to 6.30pm. so for those wanna learn how to play ukulele and learn you how to play keroncong.. come join us!

Open mic registration now only left 2 more slots. If you interested, kindly email below details to aloha@malaysiaukulelegroup.com

Full/Band name:
Contact Person:
Line-up (how many person):
Songs (max 2 songs):
Contact no:

Much mahalo!


[Map] venue at  point A..