We are officially registered ukulele  community, formed in mid of May 2010. We are a group of people from all over Malaysia, we called ourselves "Ukulele lovers". M.U.G is based in Kuala Lumpur. We regularly meet up once a month, usually third week of the month which is on Saturday. We do a performance, workshop and share info and tips on ukulele. We do creating new ideas & gather information with our members. We try to spread the awareness to public in Malaysia. We hope in long term, we can widen the community to be a world well known.

Come along join us and become a MUG'er and you will always welcome.

We're Malaysia ukulele heroes!!

M.U.G Core Strummers:-
Anuar Omar - President
Satria Utama - Vice President
Sofia Syed Ramli - Secretary
Doreen Lim - Treasurer
Lois Loo - Designer / Photographer / Videographer

Any inquiry, please email to:-

MUG Facebook:-

Registration Certificate