A uke-nited community
"IT is small, portable and a great conversation starter. It sounds like the sea lapping at the shore on a lazy afternoon. And, it is disarmingly funny to look at." - By NATALIE HENG, The Star 17th March 2012.

Strum a mini-lele

"The ukulele is a four-string musical instrument that has been gaining popularity for over a year now, although most people aren’t taking it seriously. Except for the organisers of the event – members of the Malaysia Ukulele Group (MUG), that is." - By LEE MEI LI, The Star 17th March.

MUG satukan pecinta ukulele

"Soalan paling lazim orang tanya adalah mengenai gitar kecil yang kami mainkan ini. Jika
dulu ukulele ini agak asing di Malaysia, kini ia sedang meraih populariti dengan pendedahan media dan artis," kata Anuar yang merupakan Presiden Malaysia Ukulele Group (MUG). -
NURUL IZZA ROSLY, Kosmo 1st April 2013.A

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